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River and The Doctor

To my Doctor, that’s his great big relationship in the show. —Matt Smith




Okay so I’ve seen this thing being said that OQ shippers only cares about Regina’s happiness….


When we first see Robin (well, in season 3), we discover the character.

We haven’t had much time to analyze the character until 3x12. Then, everything falls in place.

He’s this great iconic archer, hero among the people, chivalrous. You learn more about his story, his son, his regrets (putting his wife in harms way), and the way his honor works. Regina saved his son and he feels like he owes her.

Robin has great qualities that’s for sure.

As for OQ shippers don’t care about HIS happiness…YES we do !

Roland is his whole world, he’s his happiness and now, Regina had become a possibility of having another happiness. Not quite the same.

Robin is sassy and brave, he knows the bad things Regina did, but he saw her for what she’s now. Not what she was.

After all, he could have fancied another woman less complicated to approach than Regina. If you feel like the poor guy don’t have a choice, you’re wrong again. He chose to go with her inside the house, to flirt with her. 

And the kiss say it all, after they pulled away, he kissed her. Because he wanted to, not because he was forced to. He did it on his own free will. On his own decision to kiss or not Regina. That was his choice, not hers.

He’s adult enough to choose who he can fancy.  He makes decisions for his own happiness too.

I think the idea that someone could ship something without caring about both of the characters involved is just stupid. I like Robin. I think he’s honorable and has a personality that can keep up with Regina. He’s obviously the victim of a tragic past and like every other character on this show, I think he deserves to bounce back from that. If I didn’t care about both parties involved in a ship, I don’t think I could bring myself to ship it. I’m sure this is true for others as well.

Yep true ! When I ship a couple, I need to love both characters involved, otherwise I can not ship it. And since Robin is my favorite Fairy tales character, I was going to love him, it was obvious :p


Kids will never know our pain


Kids will never know our pain

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